♔ ours is the fury. {Renly Baratheon; for the Game of Thrones WW1 AU RP. See links below for more info.}




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→ ♔ ours is the fury.: a train ride home. {Renly & Theon; open}



Sitting alone, Renly Baratheon stared out of the window, hands folded in his lap and a pleasant smile on his face. A newspaper lay folded on the seat next to him, untouched; The articles screamed of war to come, but it was the country side rolling by in a blur of colors that kept his attention as…

The journey from the North to London was a long and tedious one, and Theon Greyjoy was no longer amused. He was a lean, dark-featured young man, handsome in a crooked-smile, laughing-at-you way.  

 He had evaluated all the passengers quick enough—most, he decided, were painfully boring. The only ones of interest were the proper ladies he figured he could easily have, and even that failed to rouse him.  Proper ladies, he found, were perpetually uninteresting.

Theon Greyjoy had some distinct advantages in life. He was the heir of the wealthy Greyjoy estate.  He could be perfectly charming when deemed necessary. And he found nearly everything amusing.

Except, apparently, long train rides. Theon stared at the grey sky and endless countryside and sighed. It would be a long way until London.

Usually he was the socialite, flittering around and charming groups of clustered friends, girls giggling after him. Usually he could strike up some form of conversation with even the most uninteresting of characters. But a train seemed to be the dampness to any sort of kindlings of conversation. His spark wouldn’t catch. Everyone seemed to be dozing off, in their own little world as they prayed for the ride to be over with. Renly’s gaze shifted from the window as he fidgetted with the hat in his lap; the country side could only be interesting to stare at for so long.

Renly stood, then. Plopping his hat back onto his perfectly slicked back hair, he straightened out his clothes before walking into the aisle. ‘Perhaps stretching my legs out will help me,’ he thought as he started down the aisle, ‘It won’t be a long walk but atleast it’s something.’
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Muse [Loras Tyrell] [Renly Baratheon]


Tyrell Household- London, UK
~Each of the arts whose office is to refine, purify, adorn, embellish and grace life is under the patronage of a muse, no god being found worthy enough to preside over them~
Completed log between Loras and Renly

The car rattled towards the house he knew he’d be in. Renly sat patiently… or at least, he appeared to be patient; inside his mind was screaming to go faster. He had been out of London for just a few days to do some shopping, but the train ride was immensely long and boring. He had met an interesting fellow but… The driver took a turn, cursing softly when they took a bump. The trunk with all his new clothes was in the back, creaking with the car, its contents now probably strewn about. They would be wrinkled and unorganized, and Renly cringed as he thought about it. Oh well.

All that mattered was that the present he had to surprise his wife with was undamaged.

And the one for Loras.

Renly stared out at the trees rolling past as he thought of the last night he had had with him. Light touches, whispered words, hard kisses; all in secret. He had high hopes they would be able to pull it off again soon. He bit his lip in thought. Perhaps tonight…

It wasn’t until the driver tapped him on the shoulder that Renly realized he had spaced off.

They had arrived in front of their destination.

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French fighterace Charles Nungesser and his morbid logo as seen on his various airplanes.

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Join the army, play rugby! 

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My great great granddad Cecil in his crumpled uniform before heading off to fight in WWI.

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My nan’s (my great grandmother) brother Cecil ready to go to war.

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OOC: WWI Flying


They were the gentlemen of the sky. They fought a war of chivalry where honour, fame, and glory were still attainable above the horrors of the trenches. The men who flew the Albatross, the Camel, the Canuck and others were young and glorified; they were separate from their machines. When the war in the trenches was won by heavy machinery and technology, the men of the skies became famous for their own personal deeds and glory, their skill and their chivalry. They displayed courage and skill in a world that had previously been unexplored. “In popular mind the ace was equated with that warrior of the pre-machine age, the knight.”- Lee Kennett

Below the cut is a bunch of point form information on the start of aerial combat, recruitment process, flying itself, and life in the air-force

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WWI Recruitment Posters - British Army

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