♔ ours is the fury. {Renly Baratheon; for the Game of Thrones WW1 AU RP. See links below for more info.}


Muse [Loras Tyrell] [Renly Baratheon]


Tyrell Household- London, UK
~Each of the arts whose office is to refine, purify, adorn, embellish and grace life is under the patronage of a muse, no god being found worthy enough to preside over them~
Completed log between Loras and Renly

The car rattled towards the house he knew he’d be in. Renly sat patiently… or at least, he appeared to be patient; inside his mind was screaming to go faster. He had been out of London for just a few days to do some shopping, but the train ride was immensely long and boring. He had met an interesting fellow but… The driver took a turn, cursing softly when they took a bump. The trunk with all his new clothes was in the back, creaking with the car, its contents now probably strewn about. They would be wrinkled and unorganized, and Renly cringed as he thought about it. Oh well.

All that mattered was that the present he had to surprise his wife with was undamaged.

And the one for Loras.

Renly stared out at the trees rolling past as he thought of the last night he had had with him. Light touches, whispered words, hard kisses; all in secret. He had high hopes they would be able to pull it off again soon. He bit his lip in thought. Perhaps tonight…

It wasn’t until the driver tapped him on the shoulder that Renly realized he had spaced off.

They had arrived in front of their destination.

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